Year: 2012

Free Jazz

oh yeah, baby! I got involved with some crazy South London cats last weekend, and before I knew what was happening we were in a rehearsal studio, freaking out with some free jazz improvisation! They were a great bunch of

My New Universal

I picked up my little Universal 12 string last weekend. A long time in coming and a lot of work done in preparation (moving from three picks to four, watching an *awful* lot of Jeff Newman instructional videos about C6

Tuning by Harmonics

This information is courtesy of James Crowbear, taken from the British Steelies website Before tuners, tuning by harmonics was the way start by tuning your Es ( 4&8 ) w: pedals A&B down to 440, 441 or 442 whichever you

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Half Pedalling on the A Pedal

Half pedalling is something I’ve kind of steered away from. Always seemed a bit inaccurate, a bit risky, a bit of a fudge. But steel players can’t get enough changes. The more changes, the more options. And each single change

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4 picks versus 3

I have recently changed from using three picks to four. Why Bother? The reason why I changed is because I have a 12 string Uni coming my way and from what I’ve seen of C6 players and Uni players, most

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