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More dobro action!

I’ve been collaborating with a singer/songwriter/guitarist Ell Phillips who asked me to put some pedal steel on her recordings. I started off with my dobro as it’s just easier to sit at a computer and rewind over a song while

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Noongallas Nights

I hooked up with my old mate Alex Bondonno last weekend. Previously a devout jazzer (saxophone being his instrument of choice), he has started performing as a folk artists playing banjo and singing. We spent the weekend recording a bit

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Pedals : A revelation or the bleeding obvious?!

Since getting my universal pedal steel one of the things I’ve had to struggle with is accurately getting my foot onto one or two of seven pedals, instead of three on my E9 guitar. I knew this was going to

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Sweet The Love That Meets Return by Peter James Millson

[Update] Pete is working on his next album and has made ‘Sweet the Love That Meets Return’ available for download as part of his PledgeMusic campaign. Well, what are you waiting for?!.. Sweet The Love That Meets Return by Peter

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Spotify Pedal Steel Playlists

I have started listening to a load of great pedal steel playlists on Spotify check them out, and let me know if you have any others.. Pedal Steel In My Soul Cajun Steel Weird Steel Pedal Steel Steel Guitar Gold

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