Dobro Session for Joe Martin and Sue McMillan

The 8th of April was my first proper dobro session, on a track called Hurricane a collaboration by Joe Martin and Sue McMillan.

Sue took a cheeky vid while I was playing and posted on Facebook..!

Session for Joe Martin

I had a great time last weekend at Eve Studios in Manchester recording a session for Joe Martin, a rising face in the Americana singer songwriter scene.

Joe is a real all-rounder, great songs, singing and guitar playing and a pleasure to work with.

Joe had Leeds bassist Andy Leggett playing upright. He played with a bow on one of the tracks (Denver) which , I think, produced the stand-out track on the EP.

Eve is a great place to record. A Victorian house in Stockport absolutely loaded with saliva inducing classic recording equipment. Martin, the proprietor and Joel and Henry were great to work with, and the best part was it’s residential and we kipped upstairs!

Can’t wait to hear how it all comes out!




Some reviews of Joe’s EP – ‘Small World’:

Joe Martin – Small World EP

Joe Martin “Small World” (Independent, 2017)—Small-World-EP



Session for Campbell Austin

It was a true pleasure this week to take part in Campbell Austin’s recording session, held in Newhaven and Brighton.

Campbell began the project around 5 years ago with a staggering 82 demos! He has held 6 recording sessions over the last few years, after this one is mixed and mastered, the project will be complete. (Actually he did mention there might be one more..)

I was involved in this year’s session along with maybe 20 other musicians and multi-instrumentalists ranging from harpists to bass harmonica, an ensemble of recorder players, brass (gotta love a baritone saxophone!), strings, a highly innovative lap steel player called Fred Kinbom (who also played ukulele and guitar), members of The Moulettes playing all sorts of instruments.

The way they all worked together was inspiring! I think most have been involved in some part in Campbell’s previous sessions, but the speed of communication and exchange of ideas was a joy to behold!

I am very much looking forward to hearing how this opus magnum turns out!

Thank you Campbell for inviting me down!

Nomination for The AMA UK Instrumentalist of the Year

I am hugely humbled and delighted that I have been included in the nominees for The AMA-UK’s Instrumentalist of the Year 2017.

Thank you to everyone who nominated me!ama-nomination

UK Americana Awards Nominations Announced

AMA UK 2017 Instrumentalist of the Year Nomination

AMA UK 2017 Instrumentalist of the Year Nomination

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Session for William Fussell

Had a great session with William Fussell of Mood Rings who was putting together some tunes for a new project at Dean St Studios.

It took a few takes before we got what they were looking for but it sounded great in the end.

Looking forward to hearing how it comes out!..

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