Session for Alexander McKay

Had a great session today with Alexander Mckay and his band and musicians at Miloco – The Pool studios in South London today.
We were set up in big room in the studio and got a nice live sound with good separation.
Great bunch of players, I look forward to hearing the results..

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Incidental Music for New Champs Album

The new Champs album is looking like a mixture of songs and instrumentals, to aid cohesion, Chris suggested maybe we needed ‘incidental music’ to glue the whole thing together.

So here is my go at ‘incidental music’!

I feel my over exposure to Pink Floyd as a young man may be apparent!

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Dobro Solo Tune

I have been working on a dobro solo tune, cant think of a title for the life of me. Not finished yet but just the finishing touches to go.
Then I need to learn to play it properly.. !

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Steel Fondue

here is a demo of an idea i’ve been working on, possibly something that will get used in the next Champs album..

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Session for Lars Kolberg’s album

Had a great weekend putting down some pedal and lap steel parts on Lars Kolberg’s great sounding new album.

It’s essentially a country album, but Chris Clarke from Reservoir Studios is taking it in some interesting directions. Western Swing, Johnny Cash tic-tac style guitar parts, but also huge mariachi style brass sections, and eclectic Gainsbourg-esque arrangements.

I don’t think Lars knows what’s hit him except he likes it!

Can’t wait to hear the finished product..

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