The 2016 AMA UK Awards Ceremony

2016 was the year of the hotly anticipated first AMA UK awards.

Inspired by the success of the AMA in the states, a committee of Americana advocates from the UK including Bob Harris, Stevie and Jamie Freeman, and many put on a fantastic show.

The line up included both up and coming and established artists from the UK and the US Billy Bragg, Gretchen Peters, Jason Isbell, The Dreaming Spires, BJ Cole, Cale Tyson.

An a great pleasure to see Bonnie Raitt there, if only she had played..

Anyhow, one way or another, to our delight, the voting members found it within themselves to award Danny and the Champions of the World best UK album, best UK Artist and best UK song. We couldn’t really believe it and almost felt guilty given the amount of great bands and music that were nominated for the same awards.

Anyhow, here is the moment we made our entrance.. !

AMA UK Ceremony

Danny and the Champs at the 2016 AMA UK award ceremony.

Let’s hope we’re back next year!

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Session for Alexander McKay

Had a great session today with Alexander Mckay and his band and musicians at Miloco – The Pool studios in South London today.
We were set up in big room in the studio and got a nice live sound with good separation.
Great bunch of players, I look forward to hearing the results..

Incidental Music for New Champs Album

The new Champs album is looking like a mixture of songs and instrumentals, to aid cohesion, Chris suggested maybe we needed ‘incidental music’ to glue the whole thing together.

So here is my go at ‘incidental music’!

I feel my over exposure to Pink Floyd as a young man may be apparent!

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Dobro Solo Tune

I have been working on a dobro solo tune, cant think of a title for the life of me. Not finished yet but just the finishing touches to go.
Then I need to learn to play it properly.. !

Steel Fondue

here is a demo of an idea i’ve been working on, possibly something that will get used in the next Champs album..

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