Daytrotter Session with Danny and the Champs

Here is the Daytrotter session. Sounds great!!/concert/danny-and-the-champions-of-the-world/21022622-373890716


Last weekend I was at The Crypt Studios in Crouch End with Danny and the Champs to record our Daytrotter session.


Daytrotter is a website that gets bands to record fairly informal live sessions, which then get featured among a massive collection to be found on their website.

The Crypt is a great place to record..! Not sure when the recordings hit the Daytrotter website but will update here when they’re live..

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Interview in Colchester Gazette



Thank you to the Colchester Gazette for featuring me in your ‘My Life in Music Section’!


Colchester Gazette

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Recording with Drew Morrison at Bona Fide Studios

Went down to Bona Fide Studios in Muswell Hill today to do some recording with Drew Morrison and his band The Darkwood.

Drew let me play through his Standel valve amp which sounded fantastic!..

I put down some pedal steel on a tune called Nightbirds, kept missing the middle 8!

Will update here when I get a mix!..

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Another Day in Hackney Road!

Last week took me down to Hackney Road Studios again where I put some pedal steel down on some more of Kelly and Jimmy’s tunes.

I haven’t heard the results yet but I am excited to hear how it comes out cos Steve put my pedal steel through a vintage Fairchild Compressor!

Back soon with the recordings..

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I have been trying to work out a solo piece for universal pedal steel and it has been slowly taking shape.

Here is a home recorded demo of it:

Recorded on Williams U12 and Yamaha G100 amp.

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