New Danny and the Champs Album – What Kind of Love

After our October tour of the UK, road-weary and ragged, we went straight into the studio (Reservoir Studios) to begin recording the next Champs album.

Many hours in the bus were spent listening to Soul classics from the 60s, and this has shone through in the resulting feel of the new album.

All the rhythm section and most of the lead vocals were recorded in the first four days as a live four-piece of Dan, Chris, Steve and Paul (Paul bought a Silverface Princeton Reverb that he could crank in the studio and not overpower the room).

The results were fantastic! Four musicians attuned and balanced!

Then some guitar overdubs, me and Geoff put down pedal steel and saxophone, a bit of brass, some backing vocals, a few days of mixing with Chris developing a severe case of cabin fever offset only by boxes of red wine.

New Champs Album

Recording the new Danny and the Champions of the World album at Reservoir Studios

It’s almost there.. now the eternal conundrum – What’s it gonna be called?!

Should be available some time in the spring…



The album is now out, it’s title is ‘What Kind of Love’ this is the cover (photo by Tom Sheehan)


What Kind of Love - Danny and the Champions of the World

What Kind of Love – Danny and the Champions of the World


Danny and The Champions Of The World: What Kind Of Love

Five Stars from Rock and Reel!


Mojo gave us a four star review!


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Emmons Push Pull

Earlier this year, Danny and the Champs were invited to play at the Americana Music awards in Nashville.

After a lot of festivals and touring, this was my furthest trip with them by a long shot, and it required me to put my poor battered old Marlen pedal steel on a plane.

On second thoughts this seemed, a bad idea, the idea of turning up to Nashville to discover that the pedal steel was either smashed or lost seemed too big a risk. The next plan was to beg, borrow or steal a pedal steel in Nashville, and this seemed like the way forward until I thought this was a golden opportunity to buy a pedal steel and bring it back.

A quick look on the Steel Guitar Forum and I found this little beauty for sale by acclaimed pedal steel player and instructor Doug Beaumier. I got in touch with him and he said he was happy to ship to where we were staying in Nashville.  (I have to say Doug was about a helpful as is humanly possible with every aspect of shipping the guitar to packing it, setting it up etc, Thanks Doug!)

It is a 1966 Emmons Push/Pull with a bolt on neck. And it is black!

Tone to the bone, no more excuses, now I just need to learn to play the damn thing..!

Emmons Push Pull Pedal Steel Guitar

Emmons Push/Pull Pedal Steel Guitar

I had one jet lagged afternoon in Nashville to get this guitar set up for our gig at the amazing Third Man Records but it sounded great on the night. A couple of days later, I wrapped it up and safely carried it back to the UK.

If anyone reading is ever going to fly with a pedal steel, can I recommend that they do everything they can to take it into the cabin with them!

Your Very Own Tomorrow

Another of Ell Phillip’s tunes: Your Very Own Tomorrow, recorded using Williams U12 through Yamaha G112 amplifier and Hilton volume pedal with SM 57 microphone



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Can’t Keep You

Another one of Ell’s tunes, found this one particularly hard for some reason as it’s quite a simple structure.

Recorded using a close-miced SM57 into transistor amplifier


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a bit carried away

Think I got a bit carried away with this one. Another tune from Ell Phillips, an instrumental this time.

As always Ell’s guitar parts are executed very precisely and without excess.

She said ” I thought it might sound nice just adding a little something to the ending”, so I did!

Not sure if it was what she had in mind but it had been a long day and my MXR delay pedal with built in modulation was sounding a bit out there so I went with the flow..


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