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More dobro action!

I’ve been collaborating with a singer/songwriter/guitarist Ell Phillips who asked me to put some pedal steel on her recordings. I started off with my dobro as it’s just easier to sit at a computer and rewind over a song while

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Noongallas Nights

I hooked up with my old mate Alex Bondonno last weekend. Previously a devout jazzer (saxophone being his instrument of choice), he has started performing as a folk artists playing banjo and singing. We spent the weekend recording a bit

My First Slant

As mentioned in a previous post, I am playing my dobro/resonator in the GBDGBD tuning, which is pretty standard G. If I want to play a C chord, I go the the fifth fret where I get CEGCEG. That’s great

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First Dobro Outing

My mate Alex is (among other things) a banjo player. He’s having a party in a couple of weeks and getting some musician mates to bring instruments for an evening of folk. He sent me a few tunes to learn

Beginning the Dobro

I got myself a Dobro (well a Wechter Sheerhorn squareneck resonator) last year. I thought it might be a nice lightweight alternative to the pedal steel for doing more acoustic gigs, or gigs where the stage isn’t that big. I

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