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V – I progressions

The last couple of posts have been a bit dry, this one’s about learning one’s way around the pedal steel guitar. The V – I chord progression is a mainstay of western music and if you can play round it

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another simple thing I’ve practised a lot recently is just playing grips, and moving between grips. To be an effective accompanist you need to be able to play chords quickly and cleanly and this is pretty hard to do at

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Wow almost a year since my last post, very slack! Then Dave from the British Steelies Society said he’d read by blog and that it could be useful to other fledgling steelies. So I thought I’d try and catch up

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Lesson: Gerry Hogan

I had another lesson this weekend, this time with Gerry Hogan in Newbury. He organised the late:'(, great Newbury Steel Guitar Festival. In so doing has got to know the likes of Buddy Emmons, Jimmy Day, Jeff Newman, Paul Franklin,

size isn’t everything : volume matters

I’ve been recording myself recently. A painful step to take but a great way to hear what you’re doing wrong. My Volume Pedal use was glaringly horrible in a number of ways: Overuse – everything was a fade in Consistency

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