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Pentatonic/Blues scales

In my last post I talked about the minor chord shapes I’d learnt. It’s the 11th fret one that’s really interested me. I come from a 6 string guitar backround and have spent most of my playing days going up

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Minor Chords

Jonny also showed me some minor chord shapes that i’ve been practising. In G min they are 1st fret with B amd C down, 6th fret with B and 11th fret with dropped Es.

the first steps..

well it’s been a busy week. as you may have seen i’ve got a couple of links going and the beginnings of a tab search facility. I’m feeling a little guilty as my intention was to pool together everything i

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Dear all, thanks for coming to my humble and barely nascent site. I am a newcomer to pedal steel steel guitar but have had a growing interest in this bizarre instrument for a few years now. I bought my Marlen