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Your Very Own Tomorrow

Another of Ell Phillip’s tunes: Your Very Own Tomorrow, recorded using Williams U12 through Yamaha G112 amplifier and Hilton volume pedal with SM 57 microphone    

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Can’t Keep You

Another one of Ell’s tunes, found this one particularly hard for some reason as it’s quite a simple structure. Recorded using a close-miced SM57 into transistor amplifier  

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a bit carried away

Think I got a bit carried away with this one. Another tune from Ell Phillips, an instrumental this time. As always Ell’s guitar parts are executed very precisely and without excess. She said ” I thought it might sound nice

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Another dobro tune

Another of Ell’s tunes, Take Care. This time recorded using a Sennheiser condenser microphone rather than the SM57. I reckon it sounds better.

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A bit of home recording

I’ve been collaborating with singer/songwriter Ell Phillips, who asked me to put some pedal steel on her recordings. This has meant I’ve had to get a bit better at the home recording process. I’ve got a Zoom R16 which is

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