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Half Pedalling on the A Pedal

Half pedalling is something I’ve kind of steered away from. Always seemed a bit inaccurate, a bit risky, a bit of a fudge. But steel players can’t get enough changes. The more changes, the more options. And each single change

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4 picks versus 3

I have recently changed from using three picks to four. Why Bother? The reason why I changed is because I have a 12 string Uni coming my way and from what I’ve seen of C6 players and Uni players, most

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Volume pedals continued

So I posted a little while back about volume pedals. Since then I’ve had to change the pot in my Goodrich a few times and I’m getting a bit annoyed with it. So I splashed out and got myself a

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V – I progressions

The last couple of posts have been a bit dry, this one’s about learning one’s way around the pedal steel guitar. The V – I chord progression is a mainstay of western music and if you can play round it

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another simple thing I’ve practised a lot recently is just playing grips, and moving between grips. To be an effective accompanist you need to be able to play chords quickly and cleanly and this is pretty hard to do at

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