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Let’s face it, pedal steel guitars weren’t built for comfort. At least mine wasn’t, but I think they’ve come a long way since the ’60s. I’ve spent a bit of time during my recent practice sessions paying attention to what

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6 Chords

I watched this steel tutorial the other day. Some useful stuff on there. One thing it touched on, something that I’d heard players do but hadn’t got around to trying myself was 6th chords. A sixth chord is simply a

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so I talked about how I was trying to learn how to block in my last post. Been getting more into the Jeff Newman vid. He talks about your crease line a lot as illustrated in this image: . It

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Right Hand and blocking

Wow! The excitement of it! My first blog, my first response. Thank you Greg you made my day:>> Greg, it turns out, is another newcomer to the pedal steel guitar here in South London. Anyway, i hadn’t blogged for a

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Diminshed and Augmented Chords

I found a couple of shapes for diminished and augmented chords today. For those of you that dont know what these are, they are chords made up of equal intervals. A diminished chord is 1 – b3 – b5 –

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