Henry Senior - Pedal Steel Guitarist :: For gigs and online sessions

Henry Senior - Pedal Steel Guitar

Henry Senior

London based pedal steel guitarist, exploring the possibilities of the instrument within and beyond its country roots.

Influenced by: Jimmy Day, Buddy Emmons, Sneaky Pete, BJ Cole, Curly Chalker, Maurice Anderson, Chris Scruggs, Rusty Young, Susan Alcorn, Ben Keith, Eric Heywood, Buddy Cage and many others..

Wants to: inject and infect the unique sound of the pedal steel guitar into: jazz-funk, electro, reggae and dub, trip-hop, emo *, ambient, latin, cowpunk etc etc

* still not exactly sure what that is

Available for:
Deps. gigs. sessions. online sessions. parties. jams.
Local/international/transglobal/intergalactic touring.