We played Over the Hill this weekend, a really lovely festival in Witney in Oxfordshire.

Also playing were William the Conqueror, Trevor and Hannah, Ags Connolly and Paul McClure.

It was HOT.. !

…and sweaty!

I did apply antiperspirant that day but in this case nature won.

Photos courtesy of Alan Dunkley.


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I am very pleased with my new Charlie’s Slide Pro capo!

It’s a really lovely bit engineering, I am assuming made by hand. It sounds great, it’s very simple to use and generally feels elegant, ergonomic and robust.

Here is Troy Brenningmeyer’s take if you don’t believe me!

Our Man in the Field, AKA, Alex Ellis and band, had our largest outing to date at Clapham Library on Friday.

What a great place for a live show!

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I had another session with Dan Weller at The Dairy studio in Brixton. He was working with a young pop singer with an incredible voice and some great songs. Not your typical pedal steel session!

I can’t wait to hear how the steel sounds in the mix alongside the mad drums and orchestral arrangement!

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We had a superb weekend in Vitoria in northern Spain at Azkena Festival.

It was absolutely amazing! From start to finish!..

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