Month: January 2014

Intonation: Vibrato

Vibrato is inextricably linked to intonation as you do both with your bar, and it can be used to smooth over any inevitable slight intonation inaccuracies. For this reason you should avoid vibrato when developing intonation as it will only

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Intonation: Bar Control

One simple thing to ensure you do is keep the bar straight (unless you are compensating or slanting), this is easily overlooked and needs to be second nature. Developing strength and detexterity in your left hand will also help as

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Intonation: By Eye

Another way to be in tune is to focus on the fretboard. Develop your ability to precisely move the bar to the fretline. One technique that I think Joe Wright suggests is moving between intervals – start with a semitone,

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Intonation: By Ear

Developing your ear: I have tried different approaches to developing my ability to hear notes accurately. Beats: When you tune a note against another one and they are close but not quite in tune, ‘beats’ are produced. These beats slow

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Howdy everyone, it’s been a long time since I posted. Not for want of trying but because I was having problems with my blog software..88| and I call myself a web developer 😳 Intonation: Intonation, playing in tune, is a

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