Month: August 2014

Your Very Own Tomorrow

Another of Ell Phillip’s tunes: Your Very Own Tomorrow, recorded using Williams U12 through Yamaha G112 amplifier and Hilton volume pedal with SM 57 microphone    

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Can’t Keep You

Another one of Ell’s tunes, found this one particularly hard for some reason as it’s quite a simple structure. Recorded using a close-miced SM57 into transistor amplifier  

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a bit carried away

Think I got a bit carried away with this one. Another tune from Ell Phillips, an instrumental this time. As always Ell’s guitar parts are executed very precisely and without excess. She said ” I thought it might sound nice

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Another dobro tune

Another of Ell’s tunes, Take Care. This time recorded using a Sennheiser condenser microphone rather than the SM57. I reckon it sounds better.

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Champs Live album available for preorder

Recorded live on the 6th March in the Jazz Cafe, Danny and the Champions of the World’s live album ‘Live Champs!’ is now available for pre-order here (release date is the 29th September). Reviews: