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Champs Autumn Tour

26th Aug 2017 HASSOCKS, Mid Sussex Americana & Ale Festival 31st Aug 2017 LEEDS, Brudenell Social Club 13th Sep 2017 NOTTINGHAM, The Maze…danny-the-champions-of-the-world-the-maze-2017-09-13-19-30 14th Sep 2017

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German pedal steel blog, good for sale section!

Zu Verkaufen: MSA Semi Classic 4+4 (UK) Zu Verkaufen: WILCOX S-10 (UK) Neues von Schild  

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Mike Neer’s blog another huge resource for lap steel players

Mike Neer released an album last year called ‘Steelonious‘ – a bunch of Thelonious Monk tunes arranged for lap steel. I think it’s one of my favourite steel guitar albums ever. Great band and great steel playing!   These are

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ILapsteel – Jazz arrangements for lap steel guitar

This guy, Bilal Khalif ┬áis writing some really great blog posts on getting complex chord changes out of the lap steel. He’s been tackling a bunch of jazz standards and working out how to play the melodies and chords.. Basic

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Vibrato – Yet Again

Developing vibrato is a never ending quest on the pedal steel. I find I keep going back to it to work out what I’m doing wrong. It’s a frustrating process. What I’ve been concentrating on recently is how I hold

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