New Dobro Capo!

I am very pleased with my new Charlie’s Slide Pro capo!

It’s a really lovely bit engineering, I am assuming made by hand. It sounds great, it’s very simple to use and generally feels elegant, ergonomic and robust.

Here is Troy Brenningmeyer’s take if you don’t believe me!

Our Man in the Field at Clapham Library

Our Man in the Field, AKA, Alex Ellis and band, had our largest outing to date at Clapham Library on Friday.

What a great place for a live show!

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Session with Dan Weller at The Dairy

I had another session with Dan Weller at The Dairy studio in Brixton. He was working with a young pop singer with an incredible voice and some great songs. Not your typical pedal steel session!

I can’t wait to hear how the steel sounds in the mix alongside the mad drums and orchestral arrangement!

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Champs in Azkena

We had a superb weekend in Vitoria in northern Spain at Azkena Festival.

It was absolutely amazing! From start to finish!..

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Session with Jake Morrell at The Dairy

I had my first visit to The Dairy studios in Brixton yesterday, doing a session for Jake Morrell.

Dan Weller is producing his coming album and steered me through the arrangements with great skill and patience. We did no pre-production, it was ‘just play something over this’ while he explained the chords and his ideas!

It sounds like it’s really coming together, Jake certainly seems excited..!

Looking forward to hearing how it comes out and I hope my contributions make the final mixes!..

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