I did a session earlier this year for The Blue Highways at Reservoir Studios.

It’s good to see their superb EP ‘He Worked’ making some waves in the Americana world and beyond!

A bustle deep in Ossian Mews.

Twin green doors pass smokey belches.

Innumerable cheap French lager cans discarded within; a bottle of clear liquid, Serbian, perhaps.

Cheesy puffs. Magnetic tape. Arpeggiators.

Man with makeshift ultra-violet scanner examines with mischievous glee.

Rule: The communal toilet door remains unlocked. Broken.

Adjacent pilates practitioners look on in what may be unreserved awe.

We played Over the Hill this weekend, a really lovely festival in Witney in Oxfordshire.

Also playing were William the Conqueror, Trevor and Hannah, Ags Connolly and Paul McClure.

It was HOT.. !

…and sweaty!

I did apply antiperspirant that day but in this case nature won.

Photos courtesy of Alan Dunkley.

I am very pleased with my new Charlie’s Slide Pro capo!

It’s a really lovely bit engineering, I am assuming made by hand. It sounds great, it’s very simple to use and generally feels elegant, ergonomic and robust.

Here is Troy Brenningmeyer’s take if you don’t believe me!