AMA UK 2018 Nominations for Danny and the Champs

Danny and the Champions of the World have been nominated for two awards in the 2018 AMA UK awards ceremony – Best Artist and Best Album!

AMA UK 2018 Artist of the Year Nominees

AMA UK 2018 Artist of the Year Nominees

AMA UK 2018 Album of the Year Nominees








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Honey Harper 2017 European Tour

I am off on tour next week with Honey Harper.

We’ve spent the last few weeks putting together a set that might be described as Tangerine Dream meet The Flying Burrito Brothers!

Something for everyone there, come down if you’re in the neighbourhood.. !

7th Nov 2017 BERLIN, Acud Macht Neu
8th Nov 2017 COLOGNE, Acephale
10th Nov 2017 AMSTERDAM, Die Nieuwe Anita Subbacultcha
11th Nov 2017 PARIS, CmptrMthmtcs
15th Nov 2017 LONDON, The Old Stags Head

Honey Harper – Pharaoh

In Love with Honey Harper

Honey Harper- “Secret”

Universal Country


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Lesson with David Hartley

I went for a lesson with David Hartley, who is arguably the best pedal country steel player in the UK.

For someone as talented as he is he is a very humble guy.

He loves getting stuck into pedal steel and scrutinising whatever Lloyd Green or Mike Johnson or other big players have recorded and nailing what they’ve played until he knows exactly how they played it, which on the pedal steel this can be extremely obscure, given the number of copedant variations and the number of options you have.

Dave took regular recordings during the lesson where he played and then described how he’d played the part.

I had a great day, he’s a very nice guy and I’d recommend it to anyone.

Here he is in action with (sadly departed) John Stannard, who was another prodigious picker..!


Danny and the Champions of the World Autumn Tour 2017

26th Aug 2017 HASSOCKS, Mid Sussex Americana & Ale Festival

31st Aug 2017 LEEDS, Brudenell Social Club

“After the last of the encore numbers has melted away … I glow like that kid in the 70s Ready Brek commercials: Danny and the Champions of the World, Purveyors of Marvellous Medicine…”

REVIEW | Danny & The Champions of the World (Brudenell Social Club)

13th Sep 2017 NOTTINGHAM, The Maze

14th Sep 2017 SHEFFIELD, Plug

15th Sep 2017 MANCHESTER, Soup Kitchen

16th Sep 2017 GATESHEAD, Caedmon Hall

18th Sep 2017 BRISTOL, Lantern

19th Sep 2017 CAMBRIDGE, J2

20th Sep 2017 LONDON, Scala

“Danny and his Champs are slick, polished and give a superb live show. If there’s a better live band I’d like to know. “


21st Sep 2017 CARDIFF, Globe

22nd Sep 2017 OXFORD, Bullingdon

“..another classic performance from a band in perfect tune with their surroundings, audience, intent and motives. It was a case of the best of British..”

23rd Sep 2017 TUNBRIDGE WELLS, The Forum

3rd Dec 2017 LEICESTER, The Donkey

4th Dec 2017 PERTH, Inchyra Arts Club

5th Dec 2017 EDINBURGH, The Voodoo Rooms

6th Dec 2017 GLASGOW, Stereo

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German pedal steel blog, good for sale section!

Zu Verkaufen: MSA Semi Classic 4+4 (UK)

Zu Verkaufen: WILCOX S-10 (UK)

Neues von Schild


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