The Magnificent 7!

I was very flattered to be asked by The Blue Highways to take part in their new single ‘Play Johnny Play!

They invited seven six string, twelve string and pedal steel players to contribute to their musical rampage. All the sessions were videoed and put together into this superb musical montage.

The players were:

..And all this fun and games took place at The home of UK Americana, Reservoir Studios.

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Daddy Gene by Joe Martin

I put some pedal steel down for Joe Martin at Reservoir Studios last year, with various members of Danny and the Champions of the World.

We recorded a few tracks, among which was ‘Daddy Gene’ which he has just released as a single and he’s getting some good reviews and radio airplay.

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Honey Harper Rehearsals!

Fun times this week rehearsing with Honey Harper!

Alex Bondonno Session for Henry Senior Jr second album

I am very fortunate to have been good friends with saxophonist Alex Bondonno since we were at school together.

He is a very well regarded jazz sax player these days and was kind enough to put some tenor and baritone sax down on a track on the album I’m recording.

The track is a bit of a weird one, the bars are in 4/4 3/4 4/4 5/4, and rotate around the cycle of fifths. (Although rhythm section Steve Brookes and Chris Clarke make it sound like a mighty Bonham groove!)

Alex managed to play some superb sax over the changes and time, seemingly without having to think too hard! Very impressive..

Here is a rough of Alex’s contribution, the final version will include Andy Fairclough’s keys solo and some percussion from Mally Harpaz.

Tubular Bells! Session for Henry Senior Jr Second Album With Mally Harpaz

Mally Harpaz Playing Tubular Bells

Mally Harpaz Playing Tubular BellsA real pleasure to spend a day at Reservoir Studios with Mally Harpaz who was putting some percussion down on my next album.

Mally played tubular bells, crotales, bongos, cymbals, shakers and improvised vocal percussion and a load more.