Alex Bondonno Session for Henry Senior Jr second album

I am very fortunate to have been good friends with saxophonist Alex Bondonno since we were at school together.

He is a very well regarded jazz sax player these days and was kind enough to put some tenor and baritone sax down on a track on the album I’m recording.

The track is a bit of a weird one, the bars are in 4/4 3/4 4/4 5/4, and rotate around the cycle of fifths. (Although rhythm section Steve Brookes and Chris Clarke make it sound like a mighty Bonham groove!)

Alex managed to play some superb sax over the changes and time, seemingly without having to think too hard! Very impressive..

Here is a rough of Alex’s contribution, the final version will include Andy Fairclough’s keys solo and some percussion from Mally Harpaz.