the first steps..

well it’s been a busy week. as you may have seen i’ve got a couple of links going and the beginnings of a tab search facility. I’m feeling a little guilty as my intention was to pool together everything i could find on the web but all i’ve done so far is lift a massive tab resource and put an interface on it.

Rebel, Ricky and Jeff. I totally confess i’ve nicked all your stuff but it’s just in the name of getting it seen so i hope you’re not too pissed off. Let me know if you’ve got any more tab I can post:D.

Another thing: who’d’ve thought that there’s a pedal steel guitar expert living down the road from me here in sunny brixton, south london, uk. Not only that, he’s an instrument engineer and willing to sort out my axe?! My A,B,C pedals are set up B,C,A so he’s gonna swap them round for me. Just goes to show what sort of contacts drinking in the prince regent can provide..

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