Volume pedals continued

So I posted a little while back about volume pedals.

Since then I’ve had to change the pot in my Goodrich a few times and I’m getting a bit annoyed with it. So I splashed out and got myself a Hilton.

It’s totally different. The action of the pedal is smoother, but feels pretty similar, the main difference is the sound.

It has an incredibly clean sound. Obviously there’s no noise while the pedal travels (that’s the whole point of the potless ones) but the actual tone it provides is much cleaner and purer.

Do I prefer it? I dunno. I’m certainly pleased not to have the scratchy noises any more, but part of me thinks that some of the character of my sound has been lost.

I had an interesting conversation with BJ Cole about tone when I last had a lesson with him. He said my sound was much too toppy and advised me to lose some of the treble. A sound engineer (Red from the Half Moon in Putney, London) had said the same thing.

I was kind of reluctant to do this. We came to the psychoacoustic conclusion that my ear had become attuned to this high level of treble, that my hearing saturated it a bit.

I’m now using less treble and happy with the sound I’m getting.

So with that in mind I’m gonna continue with the Hilton and start listening for its strengths rather than focusing on how it doesn’t sound like the Goodrich!

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