Lesson: BJ Cole

I went for a PSG lesson with BJ Cole, who is probably the UK’s foremost pedal steel guitar player(I’m new to the psg scene, so dont flame me if you reckon are the UK’s foremost psg player!).

What a great guy! very chilled out bloke and awesome player.

He asked me to play something, and then assessed my playing with the words “you’re kind of snatching at the strings aren’t you?!”.

Needless to say, it was a fair observation:-/.

A couple of hours later, having gone through a Jimmy Day phrase in a lot of detail, with particular attention to vibrato, voluming and not attacking the strings too hard I was on the way to playing with a little more sensitivity and feel.

I would thoroughly recommend a lesson with BJ if you fancy a visit to north London.

£60 quid well spent. And then I got a congestion charge fine.|-|


Thank you BJ!

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