Let’s face it, pedal steel guitars weren’t built for comfort. At least mine wasn’t, but I think they’ve come a long way since the ’60s.

I’ve spent a bit of time during my recent practice sessions paying attention to what my body is doing. With the idea in mind that trying to relax what I’m trying to do physically will allow me to focus more on what I’m trying to play.

I’ve found the more I’ve looked at it, the more I realise that I am in contortions most of the time and need to sort this out.

The main culprit? My left foot. I tend to move it and lift it up much more than I should.

When it’s lifted, I am off balance and need to compensate for this by leaning, or using other limbs. Limbs that are most likely trying to do push, pull, press, raise or any other of the multitude of psg operations.

I’ve tried to keep my left heel locked to the floor as much as I can to improve this. And to reduce the movement of my heel when switching between AB and BC pedal combinations.

I saw a YouTube post that recommended(for an ABC setup) having your heel between the B and C at all times and just swivelling your foot. This means you point straight at the B and C pedals and at a slight angle when you swivel left to the A and B pedals, making it a little easier to roll your ankle.

It’s working for me.

Also been trying not to lift my left foot off the floor when raising B and C together.

Dunno why I got into the habit of doing that but it makes me lean at a weird angle and throws my playing off.

Another thing I’ve been paying attention to is where I’m sitting in relation to the guitar:

To far either way and the knee levers in the opposite direction become a stretch, and stretching == bad.

Volume pedal placement I find tricky. I’ve got long legs and big feet and it’s most comfortable to have the pedal out the side of the guitar, but this makes using the right knee levers difficult. I’ve found just a bit right of between the two knee levers works best for me.

Any advice welcomed!! And if I’m talking >:XX please tell me that too

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