so I talked about how I was trying to learn how to block in my last post. Been getting more into the Jeff Newman vid. He talks about your crease line a lot as illustrated in this image:

crease line aka heart. It appears that Jeff’s crease line is also known as the heart line, so there’s gotta be a C&W song in there somewhere:P.

To get your blocking working properly, Jeff says you need to keep your crease line over the highest string that you’re playing as the crease line is the furthest point from you that your hand is effectively blocking. In order to do this, obviously, you need to move your hands to position your crease line when you are playing different strings.

The other aspect of moving your hand to position it relative to the strings that you’re playing is that it means the action you use to pluck the string is more consistent. You’re not having to stretch or curl your fingers and therefore can result in a faster technique. He explains it better than I do..:-/

Another thing I’ve found is that sitting with my head directly over the guitar helps in a couple of ways. primarily you can see where your left hand it so you can move more quickly and accurately to the correct fret position. But also you can see the strings and where your right hand and fingers are in relation to the strings.

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