Beginning the Dobro

I got myself a Dobro (well a Wechter Sheerhorn squareneck resonator) last year.
I thought it might be a nice lightweight alternative to the pedal steel for doing more acoustic gigs, or gigs where the stage isn’t that big.

I was going try and tune it to B6 so it would crossover nicely with my Uni pedal steel, but in the end I just went with the normal (I think!) GBDGBD Dobro tuning.

I also decided I was going to start with a bullet bar rather than one of the Stevens style ones, partly cos I had one and it meant I didn’t need to buy a new one, and partly cos I was keen to get into bar slants and I’d heard they were better with bullet bars.

Still haven’t taken it for a gig yet but it’s coming together slowly. I’ve been learning a few ways to get minor chords and different inversions using slants and now feel fairly musically versatile on it..

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